The dull, grey winter can be a real downer. But, spring is in the air and this season is always new, fresh and ready to inspire change!  It’s time to look in your closet and get excited about infusing some newness into your wardrobe (and your life!). Here are some trends for Spring that will give you something to look forward to.


With spring fashion comes the influence of some vibrant colors. Shift your focus off of winter grey to some lighter purple, mauve, and violet. After this, consider some pink – not a hot flashy pink, but a more refined dusty rose pink. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate these colors easily without getting too bold, simply add a splash of it by slipping a pink or purple button up shirt under your tailored beige cotton jacket. A pocket square or lightweight scarf would also have the same effect.


We have been riding the skinny-pant train for a while now; however, this season, it’s time to get off at the station and embrace change by showing off a little ankle. That’s right, consider a pant with a slightly looser, more comfortable fit (but not too baggy), and cropped just above the ankle. Socks are optional, and shoe choice is entirely up to you!


Squares, windowpanes, and even Prince of Wales checks are patterns to consider this season. These patterns are great when worn on a suit or sport jacket – even pants would be a preferred option! However, there is a catch to such pattern-wearing this season: the more the better!   This is certainly not for everyone, and perhaps it may be better for those who take a bolder fashion approach. But still…go on, clash those patterns together! To pull this off successfully, wear patterns of varying sizes together. For example, your suit could be a Prince of Wales checked pattern with a bold square patterned shirt, finished off with neat geometric patterned tie. Mixing patterns is very much doable, but to make it easier, stick with no more than two color schemes in the outfit.


Outwear this season is all about getting technical as it is made up of waterproof fabrics with multiple pockets and evident with zippers and hardware. Look to pieces that have a bold color statement – consider red or bright blue, even the natural tones would also work if you don’t want to make a loud a statement. Look for a longer, three-quarter length or car coat length when it comes to the jacket style. Those of you who lead an active lifestyle are going to love the outerwear options this season.


 Put your basic footwear away and give your feet the spotlight for spring! Classic loafers are being amped up and covered with studs, unique finishes, sequins, and tassels. Nothing else will express your personality like your footwear. Like the old saying goes, “you can always judge a man by his shoes”!

Written by Joshua Fairweather