Dynamic Kitchens Lives Up To Their Name

To be dynamic is to be ‘marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change’ and ‘to be energetic and forceful’. That said, Drew and Shelley Pelc certainly knew what they were doing when they chose to rebrand their business as Dynamic Kitchens: this forward-thinking pair, along with their experienced support team, are forever evolving and improving upon their top-notch product. Innovation courses through the veins of everyone who is part of the Dynamic Kitchens team – transformation is what they do, both within the company, and as one of the region’s top custom kitchen manufacturers. But what’s the point of continuously trying to improve a product and company that’s already excellent?  Some might say that chasing perfection is a losing game, that perfection doesn’t exist. That may be so – just don’t tell that to the team at Dynamic Kitchens as they continually make improvements to reach that lofty goal.

Dynamic Differences

In early 2012, Drew and Shelley Pelc purchased Jem-Dor Woodcraft Limited from the Dougherty family. Five years later, the company looks a lot different but the vision is unchanged. “The vision will always remain the same,” says Drew. “It’s in the company name. ‘Dynamic’ means ‘forward-thinking’ and ‘always evolving’. Staying on top of the trends and making clients happy will always be our primary vision.”

Drew had an idea and a plan of what he wanted his kitchen cabinet company to become. His thirty-plus years of experience in the kitchen industry and the real-life customer feedback along the way lead him to tailor his company’s focus toward providing exceptional quality, service, and overall value for their clients. “I’ve worked for several other kitchen companies over the years, from all ends of the market and I’ve learned a great deal during that time,” says Drew. “You’d be surprised just how vastly different one company’s products (and philosophies) can be from another’s. We often hear the comment from potential clients wanting to compare ‘apples to apples’ between our product and other product lines. That is a virtual impossibility as our products are manufactured to a completely different set
of standards.”

Some of these ‘Dynamic Differences’, as they are called, include deeper wall cabinets and drawers for increased storage capacity, Italian made hinges and German drawer systems for a lifetime of worry-free usage. They also pre-assemble and pre-mitre all panel-work and mouldings in their custom shop prior to painting or staining for a true furniture-quality feel. Then top it all off with premium quality finishes, fully integrated LED lighting and the best warranty in the industry, all of which give their clients considerable peace of mind. “Most clients don’t really know what to look for when choosing their cabinetry supplier, and that’s to be expected. There’s quite a lot to consider before making that choice. But once we’ve had an opportunity to review our product in detail and the reasons why we have chosen to manufacture our cabinetry the way we do, client product expectations will often develop to where they no longer view other product lines as being the right product
for them.”

The Best Yet

2016 was Dynamic Kitchens’ best year yet, a success attributed to their spirited pursuit of providing the best product for their clients. For Shelley Pelc and her design team, it’s about staying true to the expectations of their clients. “Our clients often express to us how refreshing it is to work with a team of people who are equally as passionate about their projects as they are. That feeling instills a great deal of trust and confidence in our ability to do an exceptional job for them.” 2016 was also a year in which more than half of the work came from referrals or returning clients. Shelley says it starts with a great design team and the understanding that there’s infinite opportunity to create something inspiring: “be it a kitchen, a bathroom, a wall unit or laundry room, we create spaces that invoke a particular feeling when you enter the room. If you aren’t awe-inspired the first time you enter the room, then we haven’t accomplished what we set out to do. That’s what custom cabinetry is for us, and that’s the feeling we’re always striving to achieve for our clients.”

Shelley continues, “although the majority of our work comes from the retail sector, we also work with several quality-oriented home builders and renovators and we’re always open to developing new business relationships with the right contractors.”

Dynamic Kitchens aligns themselves with like-minded individuals and companies who share their vision and passion for quality and service.

A Warranty Like No Other

Dynamic Kitchens has a fully transferable lifetime warranty on their products and since they have recently switched over to a polyurethane painting process, this has allowed them to extend their lifetime warranty to also include coverage for water damage on all painted doors and drawer fronts. It truly is the most encompassing warranty in the industry. “Yes, a kitchen needs to look good when it’s new, but even more importantly, it needs to always look that good, even after many years of heavy use. Sometimes that point is lost on new clients when they shop around for the ‘best price’. The ‘best price’ often comes at a heavy cost; it will never come with the best product, best design, best service, and best warranty. ‘You get what you pay for’ is true in many industries but it is especially true in ours. If you’ve ever had worn or flaking finishes, sagging doors and drawers, broken hinges, or separating mitres in the trim work, you’ll prioritize quality over price on your next custom cabinetry purchase,” says Drew. This upgrade to their painting process comes at no extra cost to the customer. “We have done extensive product testing over the last year, and we feel that this is the right thing to do for our clients and for our brand,” says Drew.

Currently, Dynamic Kitchens is the only company in London and the surrounding area to use these high-quality finishes. Drew adds, “unfortunately, water damage is still the single biggest problem in the industry. Finish durability should be the number-one concern for clients to investigate when sourcing their cabinetry supplier, especially when considering painted cabinetry. Clients should review the product warranties in detail before making their final decision. Our clients are secure in the knowledge that Dynamic Kitchens will stand behind all of the products we manufacture.”

While this new finish is certainly exciting for the entire team, improving technology, processes and updating the warranty is really about the customer. “It’s about finding opportunities to give our customer more – to give them a better product and a better experience from the time they contact us to the time we’re finished in their home,” says Shelley.

People Power 

Drew and Shelley have created an environment built on feedback and continual improvement in which every member of the team has a say in all areas.  To reach a place where you’re looking for ways to improve upon a product that’s already great is not a journey that happens overnight, nor is it one you can do alone.  The team at Dynamic Kitchens is unique in that they are all responsible for their own quality control, as well as that of their co-workers. This is an environment that they have worked very hard to cultivate because it goes well beyond the quality of the product – you also need great people! The team who design, manufacture, deliver, and install it all share that same vision. “We have a great team, and they are all really proud of the contributions that each of them make to our final product,” says Shelley.

Forward Together

There are several new adventures on the horizon for the Dynamic Kitchens team, including a second showroom coming later this year. One thing’s for certain:  Drew, Shelley and their team will continue pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation in their industry. Still, there are always temptations to change things based on affordability and quality. “Yes, we could reduce our costs by lowering our standards – but we won’t,” says Drew.  “That’s a slippery slope. Once you start reducing the quality here and there, where does that mindset stop? I won’t allow that; our products and production methods are determined by what will ensure long-term durability.”

This company continues to search for ways to be better on behalf of their customers and themselves. Truly, Dynamic Kitchens lives up to their name with energetic and continuous change!


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London, Ontario



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