Spring is upon us and, like a fresh beginning, it’s time to venture into some new business opportunities and markets that Old Man Winter may have not have warranted. This spring has inspired a new section in the magazine called ‘The Commuter’, a fashion spread dedicated to everyone who commutes day to day working in the Forest City’s concrete jungle. And as always, we really wanted to flex our muscles supporting local clothing, makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion editors, photographers and so many others who contributed to this issue.

Our cover story is the story of Drew and Shelley Pelc of Dynamic Kitchens – theirs is a story of vision, environments and people power! The kitchen is still the most coveted area of a home and, as you’ll see, it should always be celebrated!  We also have some returning guests in this issue as we catch you up on how the ladies from Fringe Custom Framing are currently featuring work from local and regional artists in their gallery.

Now, you may not want me to go here, but it’s time to talk about the elephant in room…The Donald!  Everyday you’re inundated with conversations about the zany new American president and, even if you don’t want to participate, it feels like you have no choice.  We weigh in on the discussion, meaning that you can decide if you want a piece of the American pie. Or perhaps you may opt for a Chicken McNugget as you read the London Economic Development Corporation’s featured editorial. Did you know that every Chicken McNugget in McDonald’s Restaurants across the country is made in London, Ontario?As you keep reading, you’ll see why deciding whether or not to work from home (WFH) is a trending topic of discussion between employers and employees these days. With Skype and many other open applications at our disposal, more people are opting to work from home…which of course begs the question – am I sitting in my boxer shorts right now as I write this?? Even if you decide to work in your natural habitat, it’s time to get your social media working for you, starting with LinkedIn.  LinkedIn has a new interface that looks and feels like Mark Zuckerberg might have a thing or two to say about copyrights. With all the social media out there, and all the time spent trolling (I mean surfing), you will want to read our seven reasons why your smartphone is destroying your life (and everyone else’s life around you for that matter). As well, this brave new age of tech brings a new wave of business and social marketing trends featured in an article by Sydney Van Kerrebroeck.

Thank you again for reading and remember you’re bigger than your business card. 

Damian Box