Everybody is blogging, and you should be too.

No, really.

Although it has been around for decades, blogging is now becoming a huge element of every business’s marketing strategy.  Why?  Because it works (even when you aren’t, as discussed here).

According to writtent.com, B2B companies who blog get 70% more leads than those who don’t, and B2C companies who blog get 88% more leads than those who don’t. If those numbers aren’t enough to convince you to get blogging, here are 13 more benefits of venturing into the business blogosphere.

1. Improves SEO.

When a potential customer or client searches for the product or service you offer, you want to be in those search results (preferably at the top, or close to it). Consistently posting new content in the form of blog articles – articles that include popular keywords, don’t forget! – is an excellent way to move your website up the search engine food chain.

2. Generates traffic.

The more content you create and post, the more content search engines can use to rank you in results. The more you appear in search results, the more people click on your link and come to your website.

3. Improves conversion rates.

The more visitors come to your website, the more likely it is that they will convert to leads. The more leads you have, the more likely it is that at least some of those leads will turn into paying customers.

4. Builds customer relationships.

Posting blog articles allows for one-on-one conversations to happen between you and your customers via the Comments section of the post.  This is a great area to harness new ideas and information straight from your customers, as well as reply – in a nice way! – to those who have questions or concerns about your business or product.

5. Sources new customers.

In their 2013 State of Inbound Marketing report, HubSpot reported that as much as 82% of marketers surveyed got a new customer by blogging every day. Since these stats are almost four years old, you can imagine how much they’ve changed (or rather, increased).

6. Builds a strong social media presence.

Blogging consistently allows you to build your social media presence by sharing each article across all your different platforms. Doing so means your activity will appear in the news feeds of your followers more frequently.

7. Increases your reach.

Thereby increasing the opportunity for those followers to click on the article link, visit your website to read the article, Like it and then Share it across their own social media platforms for their friends to see (and repeat that process).

8. Builds your email list.

Capturing a visitor’s email is everything. If you have their email, you can send that person a newsletter, invitations to events, and have more opportunity to convert them from a Lead into a paying customer.

9. Increases your focus.

Blogging takes planning; it’s not going to go well if you don’t have a focus or know who your audience is. Knowing these things and a lot more info about your audience helps you to be constantly evaluating your customer base and making sure you’re doing what they want and need you to do.

10. Establishes authority.

The more you blog about your business and industry, the more people will turn to you for answers when they have questions. Instead of doing a general search on Google, they’ll skip that step and go straight to your website to search your blog. And then tell their friends where they found the answer.

11. Builds your team.

Social media influencers are folks who have huge online followings – as in, tens of thousands or millions of followers – and who are (sometimes) paid by companies to post on that company’s behalf. Talk about a great opportunity to forge new business relationships AND increase your reach!

12. Makes you human.

Today’s society has no time or patience for a faceless company. Blogging can help you create a company style and personality so that your customers and potential customers understand that your business is run by real people, not robots.

13. Helps you have fun and be creative.

Finding topics to blog about takes creativity, time and effort. But you can do it! Think outside the box, have fun, get blogging and watch the benefits blossom.

Written by Jess Campbell