There’s something to be said for people who have the innate ability to view obstacles as starting blocks. They are the rare ones who consistently move forward despite adversity and wave cheerily at former problems on their way past.

Cammileah Beth is one of those unstoppable types and fortunately for London, Ontario, she’s found a way to capitalize on her energies and abilities by specializing in the very business of moving forward.

Cammie has come a long way from a childhood in Thunder Bay, where she grew up loving the wilderness and was an avid outdoors person. Today, her career as a real estate professional has a much more urban setting. She has been described as “a breath of fresh air from the north,” and after a decade spent in the film, entertainment and real estate industries, she now holds the title of Chief Marketing Officer, In-house Broker, and Special Projects Coordinator at Farhi Holdings Corporation, one of Ontario’s premier landlords.

Cammie is also a proud founder of a not-for-profit film project, “Love London Canada.” In 2012 Cammie turned a personal passion for London into this international calling card for her city. Joining forces with a local production company and using her own skills and experience, she set out on a year-long project to capture the essence of London in a multi-level national and international marketing campaign.


Photography by Jay Terry Photography

The ‘Love London Canada’ video was debuted to an international audience at the 2013 World Figure Skating Championships and has since attracted attention from around the globe. Her desire to encourage investors, large industries and small businesses to relocate their ventures to the city she loves is a non-stop effort. Cammie continues to be one of the city’s biggest boosters through a variety of projects and initiatives.

Her professional efforts have made her one of Canada’s top real estate marketers, as she continues to develop new ways of branding and promoting properties. Cammie specializes in taking an inventive approach and works with residential, commercial, farm and investment properties across Ontario, from Geraldton in the north to Windsor in the south, and twenty-two other municipalities in between.

Cammie’s industry knowledge explains her fast rise to the top in real estate. Her passion for work, strong referral base, large network of contacts, and a growing reputation are all built on hard work, client advocacy and innovative thinking. She is adept at recognizing potential and creating opportunities for her buyers and sellers, even in the most volatile markets. Though hardworking, she’s never hard-nosed, preferring to let her success speak for itself. That’s a graceful “girl-power” technique that charms her clients and disarms any critics.

Cammie was selected to open the first Sotheby’s International Realty Canada office in London, servicing the Southwestern Ontario luxury residential market. Sotheby’s is one of the world’s most prestigious brokerages, and the invitation to represent this company speaks volumes about how she conducts her business as a dedicated professional.

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Photography by Jay Terry Photography

That opportunity led naturally to the next step in her career, opening her own firm. Cammileah Beth Real Estate Brokerage Ltd. was formed in 2016, allowing her to directly pursue her interest in investment and commercial real estate and update her skill set in commercial development.

Although she is modest about her achievements, she notes her key role in the development of London’s newest luxury subdivision, BourneWood Estates, and her two-year coordination of a $60 million commercial deal with a Toronto-based Real Estate Investment Trust. Cammie is quick to cite her number one motivation as her daughter, and being a devoted mother remains her ultimate priority.

If you’ve yet to interact with Cammileah Beth on either a professional or personal level, you better get moving, because this dynamo is always on the go, and well worth knowing.

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