We’ve all heard the saying that dancers make better lovers. But is that actually true? Take a moment to think about your own dance club able-bodiedness, and stack it up against your skills in rockin’ the bedroom. Comparable? Probably. In a good way? Maybe not as much as you’d like (or think).

Despite what you may have heard, your ability (or not) to take the dance floor by storm directly translates into your overall bedroom finesse (or lack thereof). While there is a myriad of explanations for this correlation, here are seven specific ways that working on your dance moves will also improve your night moves (or day moves… or afternoon moves…).

1. You’re more self-confident.

You don’t generally come across as a self-conscious person if you proceed to blow minds on the dance floor – or the bedroom. But if there’s one attribute that dance can build within you, its self-confidence. Sure, some may say that the world (or at the very least, Instagram) doesn’t seem to be lacking in self-confidence these days. But that’s beside the point. Learning to dance improves your self-awareness, your ability to move your body in a conscious way and your ability to have control over those movements. That can definitely translate not only into everyday self-confidence but also sexual self-confidence. There are some pretty intricate ways you can move while you’re dancing (or having sex!), no matter whether you’re with a partner or on your own, and being able to move that way takes confidence. A confident, self-assured feeling on the dance floor may just result in some seriously staggering sex in the bedroom.

2. You’re more creative.

Whether you’re in grave need of help, or you’re already more than adept when it comes to getting down between the sheets, there is, as they say, always room for improvement. Dance is a physical art form that stimulates the area of your brain that controls creativity. So if you’re finding that your sex life seems a little mundane as opposed to more than magnificent, being more creative is one sure-fire way to spice things up. Take your partner out dancing with you or sign up for a class together and get both of your bodies moving to a new rhythm – one that will hopefully evolve into better, longer, more creative sex.

3. You have more stamina.

Speaking of sex that lasts longer, isn’t that what’s near the top of everyone’s wish list? Dance can help with that. No matter what type of dance you choose to do, you’re likely going to work up a sweat while you practice. But in doing so, you’ re also improving things like your cardiovascular health and overall physical endurance. The more your body gets used to working up a sweat while dancing, the longer you’ll be able to dance. Now replace the words ‘dancing’ and ‘dance’ with ‘having sex’ and you’ll be well on your way to some longer love sessions.

4. You’re more fit.

As mentioned in point number three, dance is physical. It taxes your body in a way that exerts it but also improves it at the same time. Sex, coincidentally, also has the potential to be very physically taxing, but improves your body too. So if you’re finding yourself a little on the softer side and you want to improve, dancing (and more sex!) will help you reach that goal.

5. You’re more relaxed.

When you’re stressed, what happens to you? You become irritable and short-tempered. You might eat more – or less – than you normally would (hello, hangry!). You don’t sleep as well. You might get a headache or several headaches. You also might fart a lot more (seriously, gastrointestinal issues can be a symptom of stress). Put all of those together and … well, let’ s be honest, nobody wants to sleep with that. But lots of people want to sleep with someone who dances because dance can help you relax by relieving your stress. You’re moving your body, exerting yourself and just generally doing your body a great service by dancing. Come to think of it, all of this could also be said about sex. So essentially, go dancing to relax and then go have sex. You’re welcome.

6. You’ve got more positive energy.

We all remember that line from that movie: “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t!” While we’re obviously not debating whether Elle Woods’ client did it or not, the lady does have a point – endorphins DO make you happy. Dance is a physical exercise that stimulates the creation of endorphins in your body, thereby improving your mood. And as we already know, happy people don’t shoot their husbands. They have sex with them instead.

7. You’re a better communicator and relationship builder.

Dance is a language all its own that doesn’t require a single word be spoken. Using your body to ‘speak’ to someone is not only a fantastic way to communicate but also incredibly sexy. Dance teaches you to listen to your body and to listen to the bodies of those around you. You become more aware of what someone is saying by the way they move in relation to you and vice versa. This helps you to become more attuned to other people, increasing your positive feelings towards them and creating a stronger relationship with them. You become connected to your partner on a deeper level that, in turn, raises the bar on your sex life, too. It’s easier to tell what they like and what they don’t without them having to actually tell you.

No matter which style of dance you’re interested in, it’s clear that following through on that curiosity can pay off in many more ways than one (or two). Look at it this way; you gain greater self-confidence, enhance your creativity, improve your stamina and fitness level, feel more relaxed and positive and learn how to become a better communicator. Those are all traits of highly successful business people.

Who knew that learning to dance could help you in the bedroom as well as the boardroom? (Um, dancers. Dancers knew that.)

Written by Jess Campbell