Written By Jess Campbell


If you’re looking for a real estate agent, keep an eye out for the Purple Squirrel.


The idea of a ‘Purple Squirrel’ – originally coined by the recruiting industry to describe the absolute perfect candidate for a given job – focuses on being different from the norm and the best at what you do.  Experts say Purple Squirrels do exist, but are extremely rare and hard to find.

Chris Mavrikkou, Real Estate broker with Team Purple Squirrel at the Realty Firm Brokerage in London, Ontario, had the brilliant idea of utilizing this term to describe the way he conducts his business.  Mavrikkou says the concept of the Purple Squirrel really resonates with people because it truly describes him, his team, and the client experience.  “The Purple Squirrel is unique; it is the perfect icon to solidify our philosophy of creating positive and memorable experiences for our clients as well as sustaining the London community at large.”

Mavrikkou and his team, with support from The Realty Firm Brokerage Inc., work with buyers and sellers while extending their process further to the public through community engagement.  “Our real estate work has always been rooted in focusing on client satisfaction & delivering positive experiences. We are client advocates.” says Mavrikkou.  “Buying and selling real estate is the single largest financial transaction people make; it ranks in the top three of people’s most important life decisions.  That decision should not be based purely on emotion.  It’s easy to get caught in the ‘fear of loss’ that is present when emotions are high.  The value we add to the decision process when buying and selling goes beyond the emotional aspects.  Decisions, actions, and investments should not be made unless there is demonstrated value and fit; we employ a client-centric, purposeful strategy to help both our buyers and sellers.  Doing something because it has always been done a certain way does not create value.”


The Purple Squirrel also represents Mavrikkou’s commitment to being an asset to the people he serves and the community in which he does business.  “It’s a symbol of our engagement and emphasizes our philosophy of comm-UNITY.  We’re putting ‘unity’ back into community.”

The common bond among the community is one of the aspects that drove Mavrikkou to not only get into real estate but also incorporate what he calls ‘FUNdraising’ into the business. Community organizations who are hosting a charity event, fundraiser, or other special function can raise awareness and heighten the level of excitement by having The Purple Squirrel mascot make an appearance at their event.  Attendees can take a #SelfieWithTheSquirrel and then Team Purple Squirrel will donate a predetermined amount per selfie to the cause.

The non-profit organizations who host Team Purple Squirrel at their event will continue to receive support well after the event has happened by engaging in the Charitable Listing Benefit Program.  The attendees at that event who express an interest in selling a home will have the opportunity to support the charitable organization also.  By way of a ballot draw, the individual whose name was drawn from that event and sells within the next 12 months, using the real estate services of Chris Mavrikkou & Team Purple Squirrel at The Realty Firm, will donate their listing fee proceeds back to that non-profit group.  With the average real estate value in London being around $270,000, that translates into a donation upwards of $5,000 to the non-profit in their honour.

In addition to event ‘FUNdraising’, Team Purple Squirrel also provides a client-generated donation program.  2% of the Team’s net income is pooled on an annual basis and invested back into the community to those charitable organizations that are supported by their clients.

Even though Mavrikkou and his team care deeply about investing in their community, helping families find the perfect home – no matter the time frame – has always been among their top priorities.  “When people invite you into their home – that’s personal.  We respect that people trust us to help them and their family with decisions that involve money, emotions, and time.  We work to make sure our clients do not feel rushed or pressured into making any real estate decision.  We believe in allowing time to build a relationship with our clients before, during, and after the transaction.”

Chris Mavrikkou

Mavrikkou is proud of his team, which includes Administrator and Community Concierge Jennifer Watts, Sales Representative and Community Supporter Daniela Albert and Cheri Mavrikkou, Sales Representative and “the most understanding, patient, and loving wife.” Mavrikkou light-heartedly adds, “After 27 years of knowing me – 16 of those years married to me – I’m not for the faint of heart!”

As the business keeps growing and thriving, Team Purple Squirrel is looking forward to staying true to their philosophy of creating positive and memorable experiences for their clients and communities.  Whether it’s a real estate transaction or community event, Team Purple Squirrel promises to live up to their moniker, setting themselves apart from the sea of grey and black squirrels, always going the extra mile for everyone they encounter.  At Team Purple Squirrel, “Working for you, is what we do.”