Written By Anna Font

No one is born confident. Confidence is acquired through deliberate action and a commitment to continuous improvement. We all have FUD (or fear, uncertainty and doubt) to deal with at various levels in our lives. Confidence requires that you step into the fear and “do the thing”. Gah, but the “thing” is so scary! This is why confidence is daunting.

In order to experience abundance and freedom you need to deal with the FUD in your life. Fear breeds uncertainty and doubt and can spiral into an unhealthy approach to dealing with your life challenges. Everyone’s got ’em, trust me on that – I’ve spent time with people who look like they have it all figured out but they struggle at times just like me and you.

What challenges, weights or unfinished business is lingering in your life because of fear? Really consider this question. The longer you allow these things to linger and grow, the more negative momentum you may be building and the more overwhelmed you will feel. It took me almost 40 years to face it, but I did.

You will discover that usually there is nothing to fear and that you simply need to reign in an imagination gone wild with negative outcomes and just take action. Many issues loom larger than they really are and your imagination can actively work overtime in blowing your situations out of proportion when compared to the facts.

It is true that everything you want is on the other side of fear. Uncertain outcomes should not be the genesis of fear. Rather, it should be a cause to activate faith. Faith and belief in an expected outcome will empower you to step into your fear. Faith bridges the gap between fear and confidence.

The greatest way to build confidence is to act.
Confidence is not a mystery.
Confidence is acting with certainty.

Overcoming fear starts with simply asking yourself the question “what do I really fear?” Ask this of yourself routinely. If all of this sounds easier said than done, a few tips:


Remind yourself of something you did well. Write it down. Post it where you can see it. Reflect on it.


Do something daily that will demonstrate an act of faith towards your goals and dreams and against fear. Take baby steps


Read inspirational material. This goes a long way to feeding your need to succeed. Sounds corny, but it will help. Who doesn’t need a blast of love every now and again?


Be thankful. Being thankful reminds you of what is right in your life and keeps your energy and focus on the good that is in you and around you no matter how challenging a situation you might be facing at the moment.


Build excellent support around you. This is so important. Find those you can be vulnerable with and share with them and support them.


Act now on your short-term goals. There ain’t no time like the present.


Do something for yourself weekly. Just you. Be “selfish” once a week, you’ll be kinder for it with everyone in your life and be able to give of yourself more.

I bet you feel more confident already!