Hackman Back in Action with New Movie, Gridlocked

Lots of great advice can come to you from your Grampa. Save your money.  Work hard.  Don’t underestimate the power of a grey, slightly pilled sweater vest. Rarely, though, do we receive advice and instruction from our elders that lead us into the limelight of Hollywood again and again.

Enter Cody Hackman.

The London-born actor and producer first began his career on his Grandfather’s stage. Hackman continued to be mentored by his elder, helping him to develop his passion for acting at just five years old. But although he loved it, Hackman gave up acting for several years to focus on developing his karate skills – the guy is a second degree black belt and has won five world championships in Sport karate.  Hackman’s path would eventually lead him to Los Angeles and, subsequently, back to acting.


Hackman has returned to the silver screen in his newest film, Gridlocked, a follow up to 2014’s Tapped Out (which counted as Hackman’s first starring role and co-executive producer credit).  Gridlocked is an action-drama not for the faint of heart when it comes to blood, bullets and broken bones. Also starring Dominic Purcell (Prison Break), Stephen Lang (Avatar), former WWE superstar Trish Stratus and Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon), Gridlocked was filmed mostly in Toronto with the purpose of reprising action movie blockbusters of decades past. In fact, the actor will be premiering the film in China on the day it opens in North America, the intent being to showcase the film to the world’s largest karate action film fan base.

Although you won’t be catching Gridlocked in local theatres, you will be able to cue it up on Rogers On Demand.  So grab your Grampa’s sweater vest and get ready for suspense, smart-ass character commentary, and a huge sense of pride for one of London Ontario’s top Hollywood transplants.

Written by Jess Campbell