Diply.com has been dubbed one of the fastest growing websites in internet history.

It is ranked as one of the fastest growing websites in the world, boasts over 100 million unique visitors a month and has over 25 million social media followers. Launched just over two years ago, Diply.com and its parent company GoViral embody the unprecedented growth of London’s digital creative sector and strong entrepreneurial culture. Diply.com generates and shares content designed to attract readers, develop relationships and ultimately sell advertising to companies looking to connect with target audiences.

DiplyThe company attracts more than 750 million page views each month and has over 50,000 e-news subscribers each month. GoViral co-founder and CEO, Taylor Ablitt, admits to always wanting to be an entrepreneur. With more than 100 employees and skyrocketing sales, Ablitt and his partners Dean Elkholy and Gary Manning have turned that dream into reality.

“There is a science to content marketing and we saw this unique opportunity to build online communities with great content and generate revenue,” says Ablitt.

Housed in the heart of downtown London, GoViral is home to a busy hive of writers, editors, video producers, designers and programmers. Not surprisingly, they represent their target market-young, mobile millennials with a unquenchable thirst for news, information, entertainment and virtually anything that can be accessed online. This access to creative, young and nimble talent has been instrumental to the company’s success. “We’ve been growing very quickly and we continue to invest in technology and products that help our employees navigate and change with that growth,” says Ablitt.


The company’s revenue is derived from selling a variety of advertising options from custom brand content to page takeovers. With more than 40% of traffic originating from the U.S.A, global brands have flocked to Diply as a powerful way to reach their market. Dubbed as the “fastest growing website in Internet history” by Compete.com, the company’s sales have increased by more than 400% over the past two years. With plans to open sales offices in New York, Los Angeles and Europe, Diply is going global.

Yet, the company is committed to keeping its headquarters in London and nurturing its talent. “There is a very strong network of entrepreneurs and technology start-ups here in London,” says Ablitt. “There is a sense of community, a lifestyle and a pool of talent that doesn’t exist anywhere else.”


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