Thank the Lord times have changed! If I had a mountain in front of me I would climb to the top and sing it as loud as I could!  Finally, men don’t have to be ashamed or embarrassed to admit that they take care of themselves. Remember the days when other dudes would look at you like you were crazy when you told them you got a pedicure or you bought a facial moisturizer? Times have finally evolved and men are starting to take more care and pride in their appearance. Listed below are some must do’s for the 21st century man that are common knowledge, but not common practice! Let’s get you up to speed and get you more handsome right now:

Have Your Barber Be Your Homie

You must first find a ‘go to’ barber you can trust. Stop getting weird looking haircuts. Don’t be a salon-slut or a hair-whore. Find someone you like, and develop a great rapport with a barber who does a great job with your hair. Yes, it may take a few terrifying trims to figure out who earns the title of ‘My Barber’, but it will be worth it in the end.

I’m Sorry, Your Radiant Beard Distracted Me

If you want to enhance your look, grow a beard! Not a jungle beard where people confuse you with a caveman, but a well-manicured facial masterpiece. Hop on Pinterest to find out how to maintain your beard, or go to your homeboy barber and have him or her do it! Remember, for women, beards are the new tattoos – so grow one.

Smell Like You Know What You’re Doing

Has a gorgeous woman ever walked by you and the remnants of her aromatic hotness followed her? Of course it has. It’s like sweet, sweet nectar hitting your nostrils. So why can’t we do the same to women? Make sure you have a rotation of colognes to wear depending on the setting and event. No one wants to be labeled as the guy that always smells the same. Switch it up, have daytime and nighttime colognes and please, for the love of everything good, don’t take a bath in it!

Be a Member of the Human Race

Being better looking and more handsome doesn’t require much, but it does require that you do something. Don’t miss out on losing a babe to the guy with the whiter teeth and ironed shirt and pants who is also sporting a glorious beard and haircut. Be the example to men all over the world.

Anytime you get queasy or worry that someone will make fun of you for taking such pride in your appearance, remember me screaming from the mountaintop: “it’s the 21st Century- you’re good”! Or if that doesn’t do it for you, look to your left, then look to your right, and notice the six beautiful women that are currently occupying your time. Then chuckle to yourself and laugh last.


Written by Jono Macri