We have become accustomed to maintaining administrative control over our own lives; Googling our ailments before approaching a doctor, banking from the comfort of our living rooms, and planning our own vacations. “People today are used to being in the driver’s seat of their lives,” states Linda Sanders, Marketing Manager at renowned Canadian law firm, Siskinds LLP, “and while many businesses have made a necessary shift in how they work with clients, most law firms still remain at arm’s length.” Working diligently to bridge the potential disconnect between the firm and its clients,  Siskinds has become devoted to a process of “evolution”, as Sanders describes it; an undertaking that is cultivating a new level of interaction that will ultimately result in heightened understanding and an elevated level of comfort.



Siskinds’ family law department, a branch of the firm comprised of four vibrant members who collectively offer nearly 70 years of legal experience, is a manifestation of the firm’s revolutionized concept. The family law department has always been aligned with contemporary expectations; ensuring clients understand the legal process, providing frequent updates on the progress of their case, and responding quickly to client questions. “We recognize that these people are often in the midst of one of the most difficult times in their lives. It takes a unique type of attentiveness to provide much needed comfort while simultaneously remaining professional. We’ve mastered the balance,” said Marie Tukara, Partner and Head of the Family Law Department.

When Tukara added two new lawyers to the team in 2015, Andrea Cooley and Camille Riggs fit the culture of the team perfectly. “I’ve known Andrea and Camille for many years,” said Marie, “I’ve always respected their legal abilities, but mostly, I’ve always admired their interpersonal skills.” Nadine Russell, a close colleague of Tukara’s who joined Siskinds over five years ago, completes the team. Although the team’s commitment to providing a client-centered practice recalls the pledge taken by smaller “boutique” family law firms, Siskinds’ family law branch has the unique advantage of close proximity to extensive firm resources. As a result, the team does not need to outsource other inquiries, saving the client’s time and money and reducing anxiety levels.

“We have approximately 80 lawyers at our firm that specialize in a range of practice areas including business law, litigation, estate planning, labour and employment, and personal injury. Having all of these experienced professionals at our fingertips makes us able to offer support with virtually anything our client needs,” Tukara explains.


Thus, the team is able to solve issues promptly, which avoids further problems and eliminates the major trigger of client anxiety: immobility. While the majority of the legal field continues to offer complex processes, cryptic language, and opaque fees, Siskinds LLP is devoted to inspiring trust and proving value by increasing communication and inclusion, and minimizing obstacles, constraints, and stress. “Our approach is extremely simple,” Sanders explains. “Siskinds’ clients are not merely our patrons, but are our partners in practice. Together, we will succeed.”