For nearly 50 years, Development Engineering has been all of this and much more – like the ant:  they are industrious, efficient, and well organized with the natural ability to identify constraints and solve problems. The innate skills of the ant are something to be admired, which is why Development Engineering has, for generations, incorporated the ant as a symbol of their vision, values and work ethic. Like the ant, they work hard, work smart, and work together as a team to get the job done.

“ We design the infrastructure that people depend on but don’t often think about.” – Josh Smith, Sr. Partner, Development Engineering;



Everyone at Development Engineering understands that investing in client and project success means investment in the success of the entire team. For the staff, this means working together, pushing to meet deadlines, and pushing to exceed expectations for the Client and for the team.  This is exemplified by the Employee Share Ownership Program and the opening of their new office in Paris, Ontario. With nearly half of the company involved in corporate ownership, they are committed, accountable and always striving to achieve the next level of success.

“ Our team is capable, driven and dedicated.  We enjoy what we do and work together effectively.” – Jason Fleury, Sr. Partner, Development Engineering;



Understanding that time is money; Development Engineering delivers VALUE by leveraging knowledge and experience with a firm commitment to exceptional quality.  They strive to provide clients with cost-effective strategies that are profitable and they appreciate the necessity of being there for their clients throughout a project.  As the link between the client and the process, they work diligently to navigate projects through the many obstacles along the way.



Development Engineering has been a proud part of over 7,000 projects throughout Southwestern Ontario.  No matter where their work takes them, they always remain dedicated to the project by working through the challenges of the design while maintaining a vision for the end product; often that means a place to work, a place to live, a place to learn and play, or the roads between.  The construction industry has recognized Development Engineering for producing designs of the highest quality, that are practical and constructible.

“ Every client is approached with the same energy and level of service regardless of the size of project they may be undertaking.” – Jeff Thomas, Sr. Partner, Development Engineering



· Site and Subdivision Planning & Engineering;
· Municipal Engineering;
· Noise and Vibration Studies;
· Topographic Surveys and Construction Layout;
· 3D Terrain Modelling and Data Preparation for GPS Equipment;



Development Engineering is excited about their new office in the historic downtown of Paris, Ontario; the area is “open for business” and poised for growth.  The new location will solidify their ability to provide planning and engineering services throughout the region and establish employment opportunities for local engineering talent that might otherwise commute to the GTA for work. The Paris office will be led by Les Janos, a lifetime resident with extensive knowledge of the area.  Design support will be provided by several local staff, complimented by resources from the London office.

“ Meeting deadlines, producing quality designs and providing exemplary service to our clients is important to everyone here.” – Les Janos, Office Manager – Paris, Development Engineering;



41 Adelaide Street North, Unit 71
(Adelaide at Nelson) N6B 3P4

31 Mechanic St, Unit 301
(Mechanic at Broadway) N3L 1K1