For as long as she can remember an intense passion for architecture and design has burned within Jillian Summers, vibrant owner of London’s renowned staging and interior design company, Upstaging Limited. Spending childhood weekends touring open houses with her parents, a couple who was invested in buying and reselling properties, worked to imprint the endless possibilities of a space into a young mind already preoccupied with creative ambition.

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Over the past five years, Summers has worked diligently, building a business that provides a much needed service to London home builders, buyers, and sellers, while simultaneously providing a means for her to express and share the fruits of her creativity. Proving to be one of the most successful years to date, Upstaging Limited flourished in 2015. Summers “took the leap” and purchased a warehouse space to store crucial inventory, a choice that is not only more cost effective for prospective clients, but also allows the Upstaging team to better control the merchandise used and transported to and from various sites. Additionally, Upstaging Limited received the prestigious award for “Best Vacant Stager in Canada,” an honour that has proved to be incredibly motivational and inspirational for the entire team. “It was a major milestone personally, and also for my company,” Summers explains.

“We were incredibly proud and touched.”

Securing her position as industry frontrunner, Summers, has also earned a spot on the list of “Top 10 Re-designers of the Year.” Additionally, the company is invested in community growth and development, and was thrilled to be involved with the 2014 Dream Home Lottery, which worked to raise essential funds for the London Health Sciences Foundation. “It was an amazing experience and fulfilled a personal goal of mine as I had always wanted to be involved with the Dream Home Lottery charity,”
Summers explains.


Summers’ work is extremely rewarding: creating beauty that will not only be enjoyed aesthetically by her clients, but will also be used – lived in. “I love to see the clients’ faces when they see the finished product. They are floored. Not only have we provided them with a beautiful space, but we have also eased a major burden. Selling a home is stressful. We can help.”

JillianSummersSummers’ team at Upstaging Limited works to present expert design solutions and craft a space that will provide a “lasting first impression that brings out the best in your home.” Working to turn “home browsers into home buyers,” the bulk of the company’s work revolves around staging homes for resale. However, Upstaging Limited also works with various local builders and private homeowners, providing interior design expertise. Regardless of whether a client is interested in selling their home, or simply wants to update their space, Upstaging Limited is devoted to successfully transforming your home while providing a personalized and unparalleled level of customer service. “It is amazing how much of an impact transforming a living space can have on people,” Summers states. “We love what we do.” And they do it well.


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