6 Master Dating Tips for Men That Every Women Wishes You Knew

Go to the ATM & Withdraw Some Confidence

Ask any woman you know how important it is that a man has confidence when dating and they’ll tell you it ranks right up there with oxygen. You must act like you have nothing to lose and walk into the date like there is a golden light surrounding you. Keep your head tall, your eyes focused in front of you and smile often. Women are drawn to confidence because they can be themselves and enjoy the date. There is no pressure, no awkwardness, and no ulterior motives coming from your end. And guess what? Women dig that! So before any date fellas visit the bank of dating success and make that withdrawal.


Serve Up Some Chivalry 

I’m not suggesting you roll out the red carpet or sound the trumpets, but being a gentleman in today’s day and age goes a very long way. If you’re at dinner allow her to order first. If you’re walking down the street with her you walk on the side with traffic. Open every door. Be punctual. Give sincere compliments and give them often. Mind your manners. Say please and thank you…basically be a polite grown-up and she’ll be ranting and raving about you.


Keep The Conversation Fun & Exciting

No one wants to hear about how bad your day was or how emotionally traumatized you are that Trixy, your little dog, peed on the carpet again. Women want to laugh, enjoy light conversation and get lost in a great time with you over drinks or dinner. Talk about what you’re excited about, your passions, interests, hobbies, and ask her about hers. When you speak of things that make you happy you become far more attractive. So keep it exciting, lively and enjoyable; leave Trixy out of the conversation (unless she did something adorably cute and you just so happen to have it on video for her heart to melt).


First Impressions Are Priceless

Look, you only get one shot at a first impression, so be prepared! Here are some quick tips your date will appreciate you took the time to do: (1) you have visited your barber within the last 2-3 weeks and have done some, well… man-scaping; (2) you have ensured that teeth are white and clean; (3) make sure your outfit is at least ironed and clean and that you put more than 5 minutes together thinking of it; (4) smell like you know what you’re doing; and (5) never ever under any circumstance wear white socks and black shoes (or one of those fanny things around your waist).


Eyes Up Here Pal

Fellas, you’re on a date with a beautiful woman… if she’s not the center of your attention then I don’t know what to tell you because you are beyond help. When she’s talking look into her eyes and maintain eye contact. This works to signal interest and attraction. Whatever you do, do not pull out your phone or check your watch (you can check how many likes your selfie got when you get home). Anthropologists have dubbed eyes the initial organ of romance because studies have shown how powerful eye contact plays havoc on our heartbeat. So the next time you’re wondering where to gaze those baby blues, steer them directly into hers.


Talk About Her… Not you

All humans love talking about themselves, it’s just a natural thing that we all do. However, nothing will torpedo a first date faster than a conversation hog. A sure fire way to set yourself apart from the rest is to ask her questions and just listen, then repeat the process. She’ll feel absolutely incredible and so will you because you know she’s having an awesome time, feeling appreciated, respected, and important. Who wouldn’t want their date to feel heard? Remember it’s not all about you. Put her first in the conversation and you can talk about yourself on your second date.

So gentleman now you’re armed with 6 deadly master dating bullets, remember with great power comes great responsibility. Get out there and make it happen!


Written By Jono Macri