Winter can be a fantastic season, I mean, despite the fact that it usually involves copious amounts of snow.

Obviously, we have the holidays to look forward to, especially New Year’s Eve! There are always great sports to watch: hockey, basketball, and American football. And of course the snow really does look pretty as it falls slowly from the sky in those big, fat,
sparkling flakes.

Oh, but wait!  We are forgetting one critical element that makes winter fantastic…

The clothes (duh).

Winter 2015/2016 has some serious trends to follow.  Is anyone up for a trip back in time?  1970s bohemian patchwork, neon 80s pleather, and Victorian- and Edwardian-era looks are in making their comeback! I know, that is quite an interesting juxtaposition. But hey, who am I to question it? If you would rather wrap yourself in feathers without looking like a duck, consider the quilted puffer jacket as your on-trend option this winter.  Yes, that lovely neon orange number you had back in 10th grade would be approved by the cool kids these days.

If you’re not quite sold on taking your wardrobe for a stroll down memory lane this winter, consider these perfectly wearable and trendy options for work, play, and life in general.

Jersey Dress

Jersey dresses were a hit on the runways for Fall & Winter 2015/2016, and for good reason.  You would be hard pressed to find a more versatile fabric or piece of clothing.  Long.  Short.  Midi. Plunging neckline. Cowl-neck.  Turtleneck.  Ruched.  Wrap.  Tee shirt… Jersey dresses can be endlessly styled! And colour?  Whatever you want it to be.  For an easy day-to-evening look, try your favourite silhouette and colour of jersey dress with dark tights, heeled booties, and a statement necklace or scarf; we are talking winter fashion after all.)


Breton Stripes

If you’re a woman who enjoys a more classic style then you are likely to already have this Parisian-born staple in your wardrobe.  Considered rather minimalist and most often seen in black and white, Breton stripes are usually worn with neutrals.  Jeans, a neutral trench and coloured flats or tall boots will put you right at the base of the Eiffel Tower.  You will have the air of a Parisian, even if you’re never actually been to Paris. Why not try adding some pizazz to your stripes with a tartan wool scarf (mixing patterns? Gasp!), a coloured trench (instead of beige because, Blah) or black leather skinnies (which also happen to be in for women this winter). Breton stripes are extremely versatile as they can be worn anywhere and with virtually anything, and as we noted above, mixing your stripes with other prints and textures can completely revolutionize your look.


Reefer Jackets

Otherwise known as a pea coat, these military-inspired jackets were once standard issue for sailors in the U.S. Navy.  History tells us that the length of the jacket was indicated the rank of the sailor wearing it: the longer the jacket, the higher-ranked the sailor.  A reefer jacket was for those assigned to unfurl – or “reef” – the sails of the boat and usually had large, brass buttons.  But since we’re talking about women’s winter fashion and not the high seas of the 1820s, you can find a reefer jacket at pretty much any retailer that sells outerwear these days.  This jacket is yet another versatile piece for your winter arsenal, made with a variety of materials (wool being most popular), cuts (fitted, flared, boxy) and colours (patterned or every colour of the rainbow).  Additionally, these jackets can easily transition from casual to formal, and thus can be worn to the office and out on the town!



Why not wear sequins underneath that reefer jacket?  When you think about it, sequins are fairly timeless and generally quite flattering (as long as we are discussing figure skating attire from the 1990s).  It’s a simple way to amp up your look no matter what time of day you’re wearing it.  Pick up a cozy sweater with sequined elbow patches, or a sequined pencil skirt to pair with a simple cardigan and heavy tights for a simple and trendy office look. You can never go wrong with some sparkle during non-work hours, therefore a sequined dress will always be a showstopper for evening rendezvous! Besides, who doesn’t need a little sparkle come mid-February when it’s been minus 40 for two weeks straight? The answer is everyone. Everyone needs sparkle in February.


High Waist Pants & Trousers

Well, thank heavens.  It’s no longer “cool” to have pants so low that you’re verging on plumber-chic. High waist pants are back with a vengeance and are completely wearable for all shapes and sizes! Go for a classic look with a high waist and flared or wide leg trouser. Opting for a tweed or wool material will keep you warm while presenting an effortless stylish image!