With companies focused on interactive game development, manufacturing plant floor software, financial services, asset management, content management middleware and the creative content sectors, London’s digital creative sector has been built on innovative local start-up ventures finding a niche market and growing into successful Canadian and global players.

Autodata Solutions

Technology powerhouse Autodata Solutions, headquartered in London, develops and deploys software platforms and services for the global auto industry. Over 400 technology specialists support offices in Michigan, New York, London (UK), Portland and Montreal. Autodata – along with its subsidiary Chrome Data – is a leader in enabling interactive, mobile and data solutions for the rapidly-changing and increasingly digital automotive industry. Every month, over 23 million consumers in the U.S. and Canada interact with e-commerce solutions built and supported by Autodata. Software platforms also manage more than $1 billion of clients’ monthly business-to-business transactions. Since 1990, they have enabled most of the automotive companies in North America including Chrysler, Ford, GM, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Volvo, and Jaguar.

Info-Tech Research Group

Developed out of an Ivey Business School case study, Info-Tech Research Group aggregates everything tech professionals need to know to solve complex IT challenges and make large projects run smoothly. Members benefit from collective intelligence and peer-sharing with more than 30,000 IT professionals worldwide: Think crowd-sourced advice guided by industry experts. Resources are professionally packaged as innovative Best Practice Toolkits companies can follow in-house, industry analyst-guided implementation, and onsite workshops. Info-Tech is on a mission to systematically improve core processes in every area from HR to social media, and help companies implement critical technology projects with greater ease.

Phoenix Interactive Design

What a difference a screen makes. As the first and leading provider of multi-vendor ATM software, Phoenix Interactive is revolutionizing the financial sector around the world. They have pioneered some of the industry’s most dramatic innovations from web-enabled ATMs to software solutions that allow financial institutions to build, manage and update their self-service systems for a better customer experience and operational efficiency. Clients from regional to national retail banks hail from across North America, Europe, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Big Blue Bubble Incorporated

Celebrating 10 years in the digital creative industry this year, Big Blue Bubble Inc. is an award-winning mobile technology and game development company. Having relationships with top game publishers and in-house game development, this leading developer is behind mobile franchises like Burn the Rope and My Singing Monsters. Today, Big Blue Bubble Inc. focuses wholly on mobile technologies. The company ranked 141 in Canada’s 2014 PROFIT 500, and has enjoyed critical acclaim and success with 100+ games in distribution in over 130 countries, and downloads totalling in the millions.

Big Viking Games

While the rest of us quietly go about our day jobs, Big Viking Games is busy creating incredible alternate realities. With a growing staff of more than 50 employees, the horde creates free-toplay social and mobile games using HTML5 technologies. Games like YoWorld, Tiny Kingdoms and Fish World are played on the web, Facebook, and mobile devices by some 40 million fans worldwide. The company has enjoyed critical acclaim and success which has more than 100 games in over 130 countries.