By Jillian Summers

Move over 50 shades, the new Benjamin Moore “Colour of the Year” has arrived! Designers have been excitedly awaiting this announcement like People Style Watch anticipates Oscar season!

Regrettably, I have traditionally been disappointed by BM’s colour choices. However, I was quite excited by this year’s choice: Simply White. I know, I know… Simply White doesn’t sound that impressive, but I assure you, it is a colour with which we will all be having a love affair this coming year! Crisp, clean, and inviting, white is one of the most embraced colour choices in the design world.  Extremely versatile, white paint has the power to open a small or enclosed room, to easily refresh a tired space, to tie together a shabby chic motif or an ultra modern concept. Calming and tranquil, white paint evokes a sense of peacefulness in any space. The opportunities are endless when you employ a neutral palette.

Here are some tips for working with white!

• Create visual interest by employing different tones of white; blending softer and brighter tones will work to direct the eye and warm the space.

• Opting for flat paint as opposed to the traditional glossy finish will evoke an entirely different feeling within the space!

• Add layers by using various different textures and patterns (faux fur is extremely popular this season).

White is evidently a “timeless” choice; it can be employed in various ways to produce a multitude of different results. Don’t be afraid that choosing a white paint will produce a “primer” look. It is a classic colour choice that is effortlessly chic, beautiful, and can be manipulated in any way you see fit! I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, and a white bedroom.