Chris Costello always felt a drive to create and build a great idea on his own from the ground up.  After moving to London from Fort Erie, Ontario, to attend Western University, he graduated with a Bachelor of Administrative and Commercial Studies degree with a specialization is Psychology.  It just might’ve been his specialization that helped him unearth his passion for critical thinking, solving puzzles and challenging Father Time – all within the confines of a room that’s locked from the outside.

Exodus Escape Rooms

Exodus London Escape Rooms is a truly unique experience unmatched in quality.  The escape room concept is new to Canada but is quickly becoming the game of choice for team building, family time or a social night out.  Costello began conceptualizing preliminary designs and workable business models for Exodus after visiting different escape rooms with family and friends last spring.  Escape rooms – Exodus included – are all about interaction, both social and physical.  But they’re also about making you feel like a hero from an adventure movie – Harry Potter in the Tri Wizard Tournament or Indiana Jones in, well, any of his adventures!

“Escape games are team  activities that place your group in a themed room for up to
60 minutes,” Explains Costello.

“Your task is to explore the room – find codes, solve puzzles and then apply this information to open locks and move the game forward.  Complete everything in less than 60 minutes and you win.”

Exodus opened in January 2015 and now features three different escape rooms to challenge you.  Gemini I and II are the area’s only head-to-head, identical escape rooms.  They’re designed to test larger groups by putting a team in each room and seeing who can escape first using the exact same clues and puzzles.  The Den of Deceit is set up like your grandfather’s study, filled with his most prized possessions.  While all appears to be in order, the game really begins once your team figures out that not everything is as it seems.  The newest addition to Exodus is Abigail’s Nursery.  The premise here is that Abigail spent her whole life in this room, and some say she lost her way.  Your group is then tasked with unravelling clues to make sure Abigail can finally rest in peace.


Worried about blood, guts or a major fear factor?  Don’t be.  The games are low risk, not physically demanding and not meant to scare you.  Before your game begins, your Game Guide (an Exodus staff member) provides your group with a briefing, including the rules of the game, safety aspects and what’s expected of you (think: no breaking stuff to see if there’s a clue inside).  You’re also able to leave your escape room at any time if you so choose.

While Exodus is geared towards a range of ages and group sizes, this experience is definitely one that can benefit larger groups.  Whether you’re a business looking for an exciting way to bring your team together, a school hoping to teach a great lesson outside the classroom or even a celebratory group of bachelors or bachelorettes, Exodus London Escape Rooms can help.


Costello feels it is very important for larger groups to have the same fantastic experience as smaller teams do and so designed the rooms and general space of Exodus accordingly, setting it apart from similar activities in the area.

Each escape room can easily accommodate teams of all sizes, and there’s a private space available for ‘after the escape’ functions, like catered
meals or parties. Exodus escape rooms are deliberately challenging. It takes communication, problem solving and strong teamwork to escape, which is why Exodus is an obvious choice for corporate team building.  The added pressure of time ticking down and being in a foreign environment can really bring out the best in corporate teams and can be a very valuable resource for companies to utilize.  Drawing from his education and past employment experience, Costello will work with your company to not only target the game to your specific requirements but also facilitate post-game discussion with the goal of creating and discovering lessons that are applicable to your day-to-day office functionality.

No matter the group size, the staff at Exodus are truly committed to providing the best customer experience possible – just check out the stellar reviews on Trip Advisor or the Exodus Facebook page.  Staff get quite involved with each group, cheering loudly for their teams and biting their nails as the seconds on the clock slip away!

Another thing that Costello and his staff are enthusiastically involved in: their community.  Exodus has donated to more than three dozen charities and fundraising events, with the sound belief that being engaged in your community is very important.  Exodus is working with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of London to provide a bonding activity for bigs and littles to experience together.  As well, they offer an affordable activity option for members of the Boys and Girls Club of London.  Exodus is also a proud supporter of Musical Theatre Productions, London Children’s Museum, Pride London, Ronald McDonald House, the Alzheimer Association and London Junior Knights.

Introducing such a contemporary enterprise to the London area and enjoying such a great response has Costello excited about the future. With a reputation for being fun, imaginative and a definite challenge, Exodus London Escape Rooms will push your limits for excitement and brain power.  As if that isn’t enticing enough, Chris Costello has his own challenge for you: “Come and see if you’re smarter than the rest!”


Exodus London Escape Rooms

520 Wellington Street London, ON. N6A 3R2
(Between City Hall and Centennial Hall)