Over ten years ago 35 year old London, Ontario native Lilah Taylor left for Toronto where she got her start in personal finance at CIBC. When a role in mortgage lending fell in her lap it was a clear fit, and a dynamic career in personal finance was born.

Lilah took pride in her work at CIBC and enjoyed helping her clients become homeowners, but hungered to be back in sales and service. After a successful tenure at CIBC, it was time for a new challenge.

With an entrepreneurial spirit Lilah knew she wanted to build something great. This time she wanted to make it on her own. She earned her Accredited Mortgage Professional Designation, Mortgage Agent Licence, and Mortgage Broker Licence through the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP).

She became a Licensed Broker with Ultimate Mortgage and Finance Solutions (owned by Verico), which has given her the opportunity to run her own office and build her own team under their umbrella.

“Becoming a Licensed Broker was naturally the next step for me; not only did I want to work with clients again but I wanted to mentor others in the industry to help them become successful in their own right. There is no better feeling then loving what you do.”

Having formerly worked with two of the four Ultimate Mortgage partners while at CIBC, the Toronto area firm was an easy choice for Lilah. As a high volume brokerage, Ultimate Mortgages allows her to offer clients the best products with strong reputable lenders and competitive rates.

More than just a company name, Lilah truly strives to provide each one of her clients with the “Ultimate Mortgage Experience”. She structures a mortgage that aligns her client’s needs with their financial goals whether they’re consolidating their debt, refinancing for renovations, purchasing a new home, or renewing their mortgage. Not only does she help her clients understand financial jargon, but she ensures her clients are comfortable with the entire process.

“I have an open door policy. My clients can email, call or text me anytime. I work for my clients, not the mortgage lender or bank. I have their best interests at heart always.”

Driven by growth and change, Lilah is taking her business to the next level and is growing her territory to include Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton.

To execute this successfully she’s building “The Taylor Mortgage Team” and is now hiring additional mortgage professionals to help expand business relationships in those locations and support the leading Real Estate Company’s in the GTA. “I have learned over the years that change is opportunity.

I am so pleased with how my business has grown and this is just the beginning.”

Working with “The Taylor Mortgage Team” means being a part of a professional environment that’s guided by business strength, knowledge and customer service. They’ll get to be a part of a team that enhances their individual careers while having the support and training that’s required in this business to be successful.

”I want everyone on “The Taylor Mortgage Team” to enjoy working in an exciting industry that is always challenging.”

Inspired by the strength and tenacity of the women who surround her each day, her Mother has been her greatest inspiration. “My Mother was the hardest working woman I know. She raised five girls and ran a busy household. She never gave up and was truly dedicated to us and my Dad. I was led by example.”

Believing that hard work and dedication always pays off in every area of life; Lilah takes great pride in being a committed individual who doesn’t quit. “If it was easy, everyone would do it and if you give up, you’ll never succeed.”

Creating a balanced lifestyle is important to Lilah. She works hard at staying healthy in every aspect of her life; emotionally, mentally and physically. Yoga is a weekly part of her routine. She teaches spin in her spare time, does weight training and runs with her 1 year old Doberman beauty “Molly.”

For Lilah building a solid business and surrounding herself with family and friends are must haves in her life… well, red wine and dark chocolate too!


Written by Jess Campbell