VC Magazine Winter 2016/17

Even though winter predictions this year are less than favourable for some (it’s going to be a harsh one!), many people are stoked tha...

VC Magazine Fall 2016

This summer has been packed with heat wave after heat wave and as much as the beach sounds “fun” in 40-degree weather, many of us wo...

VC Magazine Summer 2016

The days are now warmer and longer, which means that the barbeque is lit, and the cocktails are cold and refreshing.  At long last, summ...




13 Ways Blogging Benefits Your Biz

Everybody is blogging, and you should be too. No, really. Although it has been around for decades, blogging is now becoming a huge ele...

You Have Every Advantage to Succeed

Stop acting as your own devil's advocate. You have every advantage to succeed. With 2016 behind you, this idea can form a new lens to view t...

Caveats of Crowdfunding

It’s the new way for small business to morph into big business - without the hassle of countless meetings at the bank and towers of paperwor...

Bet on Blogging

Blogging. If you don’t do it yourself, you very likely know someone who does. Blogs and blogging have been around for decades, but the co...

The Side Hustle Bustle

Starting a side gig while you’re still working full time is not for the fragile or those who really, really like money (immediate money, tha...
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5 Traits of Exceptional Employees

Whether your business is just getting off the ground or it’s been booming for years, the recruitment and hiring of employees is a huge part ...
Donald Trump

America Voted. Now What?

Now that the dust from last Tuesday’s U.S. election is beginning to settle, it’s time to quickly get used to an idea that we all once though...

People Buy an Outcome Not a Product

Written by Anna Foat In moments of not hitting targets, or simply wanting more, so many sales leaders and executives get caught up grindi...

8 Ways to Make Your Staff Happier

Haven’t you heard? Money doesn’t buy happiness. Making sure your staff are happy as pigs in mud doesn’t have to be complicated. But dependin...



What your drink says about you

Yes, we shouldn’t judge people, but let’s be honest, we all do it - even when it comes to someone’s drink order. Whether you’re out socially...

How to Kick Ass at Work Life Balance

Creating a work-life balance has long been a hot topic in the business world, and for a good reason. Those who have a solid handle on their ...
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Need To Boost Your Productivity?

Ever heard of meditation? Yeah, everyone has. Meditation - a state of heightened mental awareness, or transformation of the mind - has be...

Nixing Narcissism

It’ s not uncommon for people to be scrolling through their various social media feeds and feel sick to their stomach. The nausea isn’ t bec...



Lisa Ferguson: For the Love of Shoes

If you love your work, you won’ t work a day in your life. Everyone knows that saying (or some version of it) but only a select few will eve...



The London Humane Society

VC™ Magazine inc. would like to thank everyone who supported the The London Humane Society and to Just Kuzz Events in association with 519 D...

Lawn Summer Nights

London Ontario welcomes a unique summertime lawn bowling fundraiser held in cities across Canada, benefiting Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

Lawn Summer Nights 2015

2015 London Ontario welcomes a unique summertime lawn bowling fundraiser held in cities across Canada, benefiting Cystic Fibrosis Canada. ww...