5 Ways Leaders Lead

There are leaders and there are those who lead, so says Simon Sinek in his rousing TED Talk from 2009. Many who wish to lead spend time look...
10 Thoughts On digital

10 Thoughts on Digital

1. Everything old is new again but everything is changing  This may seem like an oxymoron but consider the resurgence of Charlie Tuna, Ches...
The Power Of Focus

The Power of Focus

Written By Anna Font No one is born confident. Confidence is acquired through deliberate action and a commitment to continuous improvemen...



Lisa Ferguson: For the Love of Shoes

If you love your work, you won’ t work a day in your life. Everyone knows that saying (or some version of it) but only a select few will eve...



VC Magazine Fall 2016

This summer has been packed with heat wave after heat wave and as much as the beach sounds “fun” in 40-degree weather, many of us wo...

VC Magazine Summer 2016

The days are now warmer and longer, which means that the barbeque is lit, and the cocktails are cold and refreshing.  At long last, summ...

VC Magazine Spring 2016

In its print form, Venture Cover™ carries the weight of traditional media in a world saturated by “selfie” publishing, the online cultur...